An Unforgettable, One of a Kind Travel Experience.

We are a family owned small group tour company who guides you to the best art, food, and culture of the world’s most wonderful destinations.

Moroccan sunset dromedary ride.

Taste New Experiences

Forge New Friendships

Alter Your Perspective

Don’t Miss the Trip of a Lifetime.

Planning and undertaking international travel can be daunting. Don’t let that fact prevent you from exploring some of the amazing places this world has to offer.

Unlike mass-market travel agents, we’ve personally experienced everything on our meticulously researched, hand-crafted itineraries.

We personally scout each of our select destinations before taking a group there. We’ve eaten the bad meals and done the overrated activities so you don’t have to.

Allow us to guide you on an unforgettable experience.

Don’t let fear of the unknown prevent you from having the experience of a lifetime.

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The Orange Umbrella Travel Difference

We do things a little differently here at Orange Umbrella Travel. For one, we’re a small-group tour company. We never travel with more than twelve people in a group.

For another, at every opportunity we work with local, independent hotels and businesses to give back directly to the local community, as well as emphasizing low impact travel and sustainability.

The Destinations

We think critically and personally investigate every one of our destinations before we take a group there. We look for places with an abundance of good food, music, friendly people, beautiful nature, and that ‘x-factor’ that’s hard to put into words.

The Guides

Unlike many tour companies who have never actually been on the trips they sell we have meticulously researched and experienced every aspect of our trips. Our guides are experts at each and every destination and on leading you on a fun and safe trip.

The Convenience

From transportation, to hotels, to restaurant logistics, we take care of the tedious details so you don’t have to. We’ve personally experienced every aspect of our trips so you can rest easy, enjoy yourself, and never have so much as a bad meal.

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