Bali: Delight Your Senses On The Island Of The Gods

Rich, Unique, Living Culture

Bali is home to a unique blend of hinduism and Balinese animism. Their religion is intimately interwoven into every aspect of the culture.

Insanely Beautiful Natural Landscapes

Blue skies meet green rice fields in vistas that boggle one’s aesthetic senses. Virtually every direction you look, beauty abounds.

Food in Bali.

World Renowned Cuisine

Not only is Bali home to its own respectable culinary tradition, it’s also a global hub for restauranteurs and chefs.

Yeah, There's Beaches and Sunsets

Slow down and take the time to appreciate the little touches that make this place so special–like the amazing sunsets.


Bali is a small tropical island in the Indonesian archipelago terraced by green rice fields and ornate temples. The amazing culture, fabulous food, and affordable pampering make it a destination that transforms.

You will be immersed in a unique culture where gratitude, balance, and kindness are a part of everyday life.

We stay in a charming Bali style accommodations, first in Ubud, the heart and creative soul of the island, then Amed, with fantastic snorkeling, diving, live music, and relaxing environs.



Welcome To Paradise

Most of your trip to Bali will be spent in the spiritual center of the island: Ubud. Ease into your first full day on the island with a beautiful walk through the rice paddies to yoga with our friend Sheila. After yoga practice you’ll be given an in-depth walking tour of Ubud. After lunch at Who’s Who you’ll enjoy the first of many incredible Balinese massages. We’ll round out the day with orientation dinner at Honeymoon Guesthouse. 

Yoga, Temples, Flower Bath

We’ll start the morning with a nice yoga session to warm up and prepare for the day. After breakfast we’ll head to Gunung Kawi Temple, Tirrta Empul Temple, and a Coffee Plantation. Lunch is at the ever delicious Tutmak. How about another massage and Balinese Flower Bath in the afternoon? You’re starting to get the drift now…

Tanah Lot, Jewelry Shopping, Sunset Drinks in Seminyak

After breakfast we’ll depart for Tanah Lot. Then it’s jewelry shopping in one of best places in the world to do so. After lunch we’ll head to Seminyak: the Beverly Hills of Bali for shopping and sunset drinks on the beach.

Puri Kukisan Museum, Batik Painting, Barong & Legong Dance

After breakfast we’ll organize donations for our school project and then walk to the Puri Lukisan museum. In the afternoon you’ll try your hand at a traditional Balinese art form: Batik painting. After lunch we’ll check out the wood carvers. In the evening we’ll check out the amazing traditional Legong and Barong Dance!

Water Temple, Amed

Today we depart for the sleepy northern seaside village of Amed. We’ll stop for lunch at a secret location and stop to see the Tirrtigangga Water Temple.

Beach Time, Snorkeling, Diving

Enjoy your first full day Amed with plenty of beach time, snorkeling, and diving. We’ll have an awesome musical performance with dinner.

Beach Time, Visit Healer

Allow yourself too really unwind in this beautiful sleepy seaside village. If you want something a little different for today you can visit a traditional Balinese healer.

More Beach Time, Beach Ceremony

Take advantage of your last day in Amed. You’re going to miss it! We’ll have a special ceremony on the beach in the evening to bid farewell to our cozy beachside home away from home.

Return To Ubud, Cekak Dance

After breakfast we’ll depart Amed for ubud. After relaxing a bit we’ll check out the awesome Cekak Dance. Dinner at Casa Luna.

Cooking Class, Jeweler, Bridges

Today you’ll learn the finer points of Balinese cooking with a cooking class and lunch. Afterwords we’ll go to one of our favorite jewelers. Enjoy your afternoon as you wish and we’ll meet up for dinner at Bridges.

School Service Project, Sari Organik, Sound Meditation

Today is our service project at the school. This is a lot of people’s favorite part of the trip. After our service project we’ll walk through the rice fields to Sari Organik for lunch. After lunch we’ll go to the Yoga Barn to get tickets for the sound meditation later that evening.

Free Time, River Trip, Art Show

After breakfast You’ll have the option to go on a river trip. The afternoon is yours to shop, pamper yourself, and pack. Enjoy an art show with another amazing meal for dinner.

Bye Bali!

One last stroll through Bali’s beautiful rice paddies before you head to the airport for your flight home.

Where You'll Stay

Honeymoon Guesthouse

We’ve been coming to this charming bed & Breakfast for over thirty years for good reason. Honeymoon Guesthouse is a beautiful oasis within an oasis. 

The Orange Umbrella Travel Difference

We do things a little differently here at Orange Umbrella Travel. For one, we’re a small-group tour company. We never travel with more than twelve people in a group.

For another, at every opportunity we work with local, independent hotels and businesses to give back directly to the local community, as well as emphasizing low impact travel and sustainability.

The Destinations

We think critically and personally investigate every one of our trip destinations before we take a group there. We look for places with an abundance of good food, good music, friendly people, beautiful nature, and that ‘x-factor’ that’s hard to put into words.

The Guides

Unlike many tour companies who have never actually been on the trips they sell we have meticulously researched and experienced every aspect of our trips. Our guides are experts at each and every destination and on leading you on a fun and safe trip.

The Convenience

From transportation, to hotels, to restaurant logistics, we take care of the tedious details so you don’t have to. We’ve personally researched and experienced every aspect of our trips so you can rest easy, enjoy yourself, and never have so much as a bad meal.


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