Amazing Morocco: From the Southern Sea to The Blue Pearl of the North

Berber Band Jam Sessions

Sway to the rhythm of hand drum and dulcet. Who knows, you may even witness an impromptu gnaoua jam session firsthand.

Atlas Mountains Hike and Berber Lunch

Break bread with Berbers in their mountain village. Stretch your legs on the trail before enjoying a traditional lunch.

Sunset Essaouira Dromedary Ride

Do you know the difference between a camel and a dromedary? You will after your sunset beach ride.

Marrakesh Food Tour and Rug Shopping

Sample the many culinary delights of Marrakesh on a street food walking tour. Led by one of a very few female city guides.


Morocco is a study of color and contrast. It’s a true melting pot, a unique mix of Berber, Arab, Jewish, African, and European influences.

Compared to its eclectic culture Morocco’s climate is relatively uniform. Situated on the Atlantic coast of North Africa, the country enjoys a relatively mild year round climate. As some Moroccans are fond of saying, ‘it’s a cold country with a hot sun.” Expect pleasant sunny days and cooler nights.



Agadir Arrival

You’ll fly in to Agadir on the Southern Coast. Our drivers will be there to greet you and transfer you to our amazing hotel, where you’ll enjoy ‘dips’ and drinks with your fellow travelers. Then it’s dinner and and an early bed time to rest up for the morrow’s adventures.

Sun, Surf, and Yoga

Ease into your Moroccan adventure with a day of sun and sand. Allow the amazing surf coaches and guides at our hotel to lead you on a day of fun day of surfing. Whether you’re a total novice or expert surfer the guides are great at adapting their lesson to any skill level.

Another Surf Adventure

The second day of surfing is usually when beginners first stand up. Our surfing location depends on the swell and winds, but rest-assured our guides know the perfect place for the conditions of that day. So take a break, snack on your picnic lunch, then get back out there!

Sunset Dromedary Ride

It’s time to bid the waves farewell as you head north along the coast to the quaint fishing village of Essaouira. After checking into your cozy Riad you’ll have lunch in the Medina, followed by a hammam. Then it’s time to shop and explore before an amazing dinner with live music.

Hammam in the Medina

Explore more of the charming fishing village of Essaouira. Between shopping for rugs and tasting tajin you’ll enjoy a walk along the beach and have a nice lunch with an oceanfront view. That evening we’ll have a sunset Dromedary ride on the beach, followed by another amazing dinner.

The Atlas Mountains

Rise early to get to the bustling streets of Marrakesh. But not before enjoying a pit stop in the Atlas Mountains where you’ll stretch your legs and breathe the fresh mountain air in a traditional Berber village. Hike to a Berber house for lunch before continuing on to Marrakesh and a delicious dinner at your riad.

Marrakesh & YSL Museum

You’ve made it to the hustle and bustle of the big city. Any stay in Marrakesh isn’t complete without a trip to the Jardin Marjorelle–a garden-turned-museum created by the late fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. After strolling through the beautiful grounds grab some lunch close to the photography museum. Just don’t eat too much–you’re going on an incredible street food tour later that evening!

Welcome to Fez

It’s time for another change of scenery. This time you’ll be changing the busting souks and alleyways of Marrakesh for the more laid-back Medina of Morocco’s oldest city: Fez. You’ll be picked up at the riad by private transport to take you to the airport for the flight to Fez. On arrival you’ll check into your riad and have some time to relax before yet another amazing dinner.

Fun in Fez

Settle into the beautiful city of Fez with an extensive tour of the old city by a retired college professor. We’ll learn all about the significance of Fez as a political and religious city. We’ll also tour the famous leather tannery, a UNESCO heritage site. We’ll wrap these tours up in the morning and recharge with a three course lunch at the amazing Ruined Garden Cafe.

Cook Like A Moroccan

Today you’ll learn about the finer points of Moroccan cooking as you attend a cooking class. The class begins in the food market where you’ll see how Moroccans do their shopping every day. After buying the ingredients for our meal you’ll return to the riad to prepare it. Afterwards, you’re free to wander Fez at your leisure or get a second hammmam. We have a special surprise for dinner you won’t want to miss!

The Blue Pearl

We’ll depart Fez by private transport to the charming town of Chefchaouen in northern Morocco. This is the famous ‘Blue Pearl’ of the north–characterized by it’s beautifully blue painted buildings. It’s also a nice change of pace from the larger cities of Marrakesh and Fez. After checking in to our beautiful hotel we’ll do a short hike to the Spanish fort above town to watch the sunset, followed by dinner at Cafe Clock.

Unwind and Enjoy

As you greet the sunrise over the beautiful town of Chefchaouen you’re free to go for a hike above the town or do more shopping for your family and friends back home. We’ll have lunch together and more free time in the afternoon. Plenty of free time to soak up the laid back vibes of this cool little city.

Farewell Morocco!

Early morning departure for Tangiers and your flight home.

Where You'll Stay.

Here are just a few of the amazing riads and hotels where you’ll be staying during your Moroccan adventure.

The Yogi Surfer

Located in the little town of Tamaraght, Yogi Surfer is perfectly situated to hit any number of surf spots in the region. The staff at Yogi Surfer are sweet, helpful, and friendly. The beds are comfortable and the food is amazing!

Riad Matham

Riad Matham wows with it’s impeccable personality and unique charm. Featuring large rooms with a big rooftop terrace to sunbathe, journal, and enjoy breakfast on. The perfect oasis from the busy streets of Marrakesh!

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