Oaxaca: Mezcal and Molé in Mexico's Hidden Gem

Capital of Mezcal Production

Oaxaca is ground zero for mezcal production and distribution. If you like tequila you simply must try it’s wild cousin: mezcal. ¡Salud!

Beautifully Preserved Colonial Architecture

Downtown Oaxaca is a charming and very walkable small city. Many colonial buildings remain intact, including the stunning Templo Santo Domingo.

Indigenous Culture & Ancient Ruins

Oaxaca is a melting pot of indigenous cultures. The nearby ruins of Monte Albán are a stunning example of the region’s rich history of conquest and discovery.

Famous Oaxacan Cuisine

So many local delicacies, so little time. Come hungry to try the famous molé, tlayuda, queso oaxaqueño, and many other culinary delights!


A truly Spanish colonial city, Oaxaca, Mexico is situated at the heart of a plethora of indigenous cultures. Oaxaca City has one of the larger urban populations in the region, drawing in a variety of the surrounding area’s cultural diversity cultures into one central location. 

Stroll its charming Spanish colonial streets before popping into a bustling mércado to sample a traditional molé made with local peppers and chocolate. Oaxaca is a vibrant study in history and diversity.

Like all our itineraries at Orange Umbrella Travel, we’ve put together a great sampling of Oaxaca’s food and art, along with lots of fun activities and a healthy amount of down-time.

One of the great things about this trip is its convenience. Oaxaca is only a day’s air travel from the US. You can board a plane in the morning and be sipping a mezcal margarita that evening. The trip itself is also relatively easy as we stay in the same bed and breakfast the whole time so you only have to pack your suitcase once.



Bienvenido A Oaxaca

You’ll fly in to the small airport of Oaxaca city. Most flights from the US have a connection in Mexico city. Once you arrive there is a collectivo from the airport to the city center. From there it’s about a twenty minute ride to your quaint and cozy home away from home in Oaxaca. Have your first dinner in Mexico and get ready for a big day…

Massive Outdoor Market

We’ll start our trip off with a bang with a trip to one of Mexico’s largest outdoor markets. The Tlacolula market is a Sunday meeting point for many of the surrounding area’s inhabitants. You can find virtually whatever you’re looking for here, and the people watching is excellent.

City Walking Tour, Salsa Dancing

We’ll spend the morning walking around the pleasant streets of Oaxaca City. While getting you orientated with the city you’ll be given a brief lesson on Mexican history. We’ll have an authentic carne asada lunch and go to salsa dancing lessons later in the evening.

Zapotec Ruins and Hand-Painted Woodcarvings

We’ll depart early in the morning to visit the stunning archeaoligical site of Monte Albán. Afterwords, we’ll go to the pueblo of Arrezola to shop for the famous intricately painted wood carvings called Alebrijes.

Microlending For Female Entrepreneurs

Envia is an amazing non-profit that works with local women in the surrounding communities of Oaxaca. They provide micro loans to female entrepreneurs in the community. You’ll get the chance to visit these womens’ businesses and see how they’ve put the loans to use.

Market Tour & Cooking Class

Finally, a chance to learn how to prepare some of that delicious Oaxacan cuisine you’ve been enjoying. We work with one of the most renowned chefs in the region who will take us to the market to buy the ingredients for our cooking class at her home.

Petrified Waterfalls & Mezcal Distillery

Take a trip into nature at Hierve del Agua: a petrified waterfall. Afterwards, we’ll visit a Mezcal distillery to see the traditional methods used to create this distilled agave spirit.

Jardin Botanico & Final Dinner

We’ll spend the morning touring the beautiful Jardin Botanico on the grounds of the Templo Santo Domingo. After a delicious lunch at the famous Casa Oaxaca you’re  free to explore the Zocalo and city at will and finish up any last minute shopping.

Adios Oaxaca!

It’s been an incredible trip. Sadly, all good things must eventually come to an end. Adios Oaxaca!

Where You'll Stay

El Diablo Y La Sandia

This charming Bed & Breakfast is perfectly situated a few minutes walk away from the Templo Santo Domingo and Zocalo. The rooms are quirky and airy and the staff are so friendly and sweet. Your home away from home in Oaxaca.

What They're Saying:


Yes! While Mexico undoubtedly experiences some level of petty and violent crime it is highly regional. Oaxaca City is much safer than many cities in the United States.

Spring/summer like. Consistently warm and sunny days with slightly cooler temps at night.

We provide all our guests with a full recommended packing list once they’ve confirmed they’re trip with us.

The Orange Umbrella Travel Difference

We do things a little differently here at Orange Umbrella Travel. For one, we’re a small-group tour company. We never travel with more than twelve people in a group.

For another, at every opportunity we work with local, independent hotels and businesses to give back directly to the local community, as well as emphasizing low impact travel and sustainability.

The Destinations

We think critically and personally investigate every one of our trip destinations before we take a group there. We look for places with an abundance of good food, good music, friendly people, beautiful nature, and that ‘x-factor’ that’s hard to put into words.

The Guides

Unlike many tour companies who have never actually been on the trips they sell we have meticulously researched and experienced every aspect of our trips. Our guides are experts at each and every destination and on leading you on a fun and safe trip.

The Convenience

From transportation, to hotels, to restaurant logistics, we take care of the tedious details so you don’t have to. We’ve personally researched and experienced every aspect of our trips so you can rest easy, enjoy yourself, and never have so much as a bad meal.


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